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2018 State Champion Spotlight-Nick Neveu

Our next state champion spotlight is Nick Neveu of Maine Coast.  Nick won the Class B Freestyle.  He also won the WMC classical and freestyle races.  We asked him about his plans for next year and his favorite memories.

1) What were your preparations leading up to the state meet ?  I did quite a bit of technique training for the state meet.  I did most of the interval and weight training earlier in the season and then focused exclusively on skiing "smart" races as the season came to a close. 
2) How did you deal with the pressure and emotions that come along with competing in a state meet? Thankfully, my family and coaches don't put very much pressure on me.  I was able to just concentrate on the race at hand and not worry about expectations. 
3)  What was going through your mind at the start, especially at the freestyle pursuit? At the start of the classic race, I was feeling a little out of sorts.  Throughout that race, I had less than exceptional technique, and just couldn't really find a good rhythm.  I felt much more comfortable at the start of the pursuit.  I was very calm and relaxed, plus I knew exactly what I needed to do. 
4) You won a lot WMCs and states, what do you contribute your great  success to?  The Maine Coast Waldorf team has a whole host of incredible coaches and wax technicians.  Coaches John and Sam do such a great job all season long getting the team whole conditioned for the state meet. They also spend time with each of us individually to help improve our skiing.  It is thanks to these coaches that my team and I were able to do so well this season. 
5) What are some of your best memories from the past season?  I think that this past season was incredibly memorable because of its diverse weather conditions.  Our team experienced temps as low as -25 during our ski camp in early January, and temps in the mid 50's only a month later at the Maranacook Waves race. 
6) What are your plans/goals for next year?  Sadly, I will be leaving skiing behind next year as I am planning on attending college in Sothern California.
7) What are your favorite things about nordic?   I enjoyed the relaxed, fun attitude my team has always had.  We all started our love for skiing early on in elementary school and that love has always stuck with us.  I also love that Nordic is such a great way to get outside and exercise during the winter months. 
8) What was your reaction when you found out that you won states?    It was a shame that Max Bartley fell several times in the last half of the race.  He is a great skier and deserved the win equally as much.  But ya, I was obviously very excited; it feels like the perfect way to finish my short Nordic career. 
9) Is there anything else that you would like to add? I would love to thank all of the people who volunteer and support at Nordic events throughout Maine.  It is an awesome sport to spectate at as well as participate in. 

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