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2018 State Champion Spotlight-Roy Varney

We next spotlight Roy Varney of Leavitt who won the Class A Classical.  Roy was also the KVAC Classical and Pursuit Champion.  We asked him about his best memory and his success. 

1.)What were your preparations leading up to the state meet ?  My preparations for the state meet started with getting plenty of sleep the night before; at least nine hours of sleep. The next on the list was a large breakfast consisting of carbs and protein. Throughout the day leading up to the race, I will constantly take small sips of water to stay hydrated. And the final thing is I always eat half a protein bar before the race so I don't get hungry while on the course.

2.How did you deal with the pressure and emotions that come along with competing in a state meet? To deal with the pressure usually, I will listen to music while on the bus. Thinking of the race while listening to music helps me get determined and motivated to win. But when I'm all ready to go and the race is about to begin I like to be alone and focus. I don't like talking to others before the race because that time is for me to get mentally prepared and ready to go.
3.) What was going through your mind at the start, especially at the freestyle pursuit being the first one out?  It was tough for me being the first one out; I usually like at least four guys out in front of me for me to catch but, in the end, I would rather win the classic and start first then not win at all.
4.)You won KVACs classical and states classical this season, what do you contribute your great  success to?  I contribute my success to having a great coach that helps me with technique all the time I definitely worked with him more on the classic because I've always seen that as my strongest area and I wanted to make it better. I definitely owe it to  summer and fall training it was extremely beneficial for my classic skiing.
5.) What are some of your best memories from the past season?  My best memory this season was during the state classical I did the first lap and my coach said you are 13 seconds from the third place then on the second lap I was tied for first. Hearing my coach say that made me dig deep and go because I know I wanted to win it. I went hard all the way to the finish and dropped at the finish line. Hearing the announcer say my name as the leading skiier made me extremely excited and at the same time really like amazed because I didn't think I could do it.
6.) What are your plans/goals for next year?  My plans for next year is to continue success and train even harder. And try some eastern Cups for next year.
7.) What are your favorite things about nordic?   My favorite thing about Nordic is how close you can become to your competition. Even though we're all racing and trying to beat each other, after the race, we all become something like a family. There's never anything negative and everyone in nordic skiing just has the greatest attitude. I love the fact that skiers from other schools can be your best friends and still try to beat you without anything negative between those two athletes. 
8.) What was your reaction when you found out that you won states?   To be honest I was confused I didn't think it was possible. I looked at the results and it took a while to process. But after a while, I just got extremely excited because all the work I put in finally paid off in a way that I could only wish for.
9.) Is there anything else that you would like to add? Basically, I would like to thank all the coaches out there for all the support and help they gave me. I have come along way since last year and I owe it all to them because without them I could never be able to win anything.

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