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2017 EHSC Maine Nordic Team Info

The 2017 Maine EHSC team will be staying at Mountain Top Resort in Vermont. The team fee of $350.00 MUST be paid at the naming of the team Saturday at Black Mountain. Please bring a check made out to Maine Nordic to reserve to reserve your spot.

We will be naming the top 23 boys and 23 girls for the team immediately after the race is done. You must confirm your intent at the awards ceremony and then proceed to register in the wax lodge. There will be two lines to register, one for each gender.

Team fees include all meals, coaching, race fees and the banquet Saturday night. The team will be staying in amazing private homes on site. You must provide your own transportation to the site, but there will be no driving anywhere once the team arrives. They run a great race and it's a terrific place to race and stay. The schedule and additional team info will be mailed on Mondayto all team members. It will include specific instructions about waxing, etc. You will bring your race skis already waxed to the site. After that all waxing will be handled by the coaching staff.

Jackets may be purchased for an additional $100. In addition you MUST immediately register as a Maine Nordic member by joining NENSA SATURDAY. Please be prepared to join NENSA that day and provide your NENSA member at registration (

Contact Buzz Bean at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions.


Here is information from the site:

The Mountain Top Inn and Resort is very excited to play host to the 2017 Eastern High School Championships. Of all of the major events our resort has hosted, this team event format and especially the relays is the most exciting. We are anxious to show off our stadium and trail system that will be able to handle Mass Starts, and Relays along with the normal individual starts.

 Additional information about the event can be viewed on our web site  including updated schedule,  course and stadium maps for each event, food and beverage options, medical plan, and lodging.


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